Colorschemes for the Discerning Developer

That colorscheme in your editor... long have you been looking at it? When did you change it last?

Years? Yeah, me too. πŸ˜…

I recently took a spin to see what was new out there, and boy, are there some cool colorschemes!

I eventually settled on a lovely theme called Catppuccin (specifically the Mocha variant, the darkest one). But here are some of the others I came across. Maybe there's something here to give your editor a nice new coat of paint as well!

Multi-Editor Colorschemes #

These colorschemes have multiple ports, making them a nice way to extend it across all your tooling.

NeoVim Only #

These colorschemes are mostly for Vim/NeoVim, but many have other ports.

Decorating your 'Personalized Development Environment' #

I have always liked TJ DeVrie's concept of the PDE, of creating an ENVIRONMENT that's JUST YOURS and a joy to use. One of the best ways I know of to personalize a space is with color. So what does YOUR colorscheme say about you? If it's not speaking to YOU, maybe it's time to change it up!


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