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I'm a Designer-turned-UI-Developer for Viget where I help build user interfaces for clients. I create accessible experiences with a focus on animation and interaction design. I'm currently based in North Carolina.

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A Little History

An Art Degree? #

Yep. I originally thought I was going to be a Sequential Artist and work at Marvel ... BUT in a dash of prudence unbecoming of my younger self I decided to diversify and found graphic design which combined my love of art AND computers. I finished school and went into marketing and advertising.

I had been playing around with Flash (oh Flash, I both miss you dearly and yet not at all...) at the time, but started to learn HTML and CSS on the side. A real turning point for me was Ethan Marcotte's article on Responsive Design and the realization of how fluid the web could be! I soon after bamboozled my way into an agency as a Designer-Who-Codes and spent several years there doing more and more code (and loving every minute of it)...

I eventually went full developer in 2022 at Viget where I work now as a UI Developer.

How to Contact Me

The best way to have a real conversation with me is by email:

You can also find me in these spaces:

  • Github - Code and projects
  • CodePen - Demos and experiments
  • LinkedIn - Digital resume and recruiter spam