Card symbols on a dark purple field marked with faint X's


πŸ‘€ Players:
⏱ Time to play:
30 minutes
β™Ÿ Equipment:
A game set OR a normal deck of cards.
🧠 Designer(s):
HervΓ© Marly

Skull is distilled bluffing game, where each player puts down a Skull πŸ’€ or a Rose 🌹 secretly and then mess with each other minds and bet to see who can turn up nothing but roses! Do it twice and you win! Forgot your actual game set? Play it with standard playing cards, because the game is not as much in the components as it is in your mind 🧠...

Setup #

Each player takes four discs/cards in their hands and a mat. One disc is a Skull πŸ’€ and the other three are Roses 🌹.

Play #

Each round has 3 steps:

Step 1: Choose a Starting Disc #

Step 2: Add or Challenge #

After Step 1, a player has two choices:

Add: #

Challenge: #

Step 3: The Attempt #

The challenger must now attempt to flip over the number of discs they bid.

The challenger continues flipping until either they meet their bid, or turn over a Skull

Failed Attempt: Found a Skull πŸ’€ #

If the Challenger turns over a Skull πŸ’€, they stop their attempt and:

If the Challenger loses their last disc, they are eliminated from the game. The Opponent whose Skull eliminated the Challenger will go first on the next round. If the Challenger was eliminated from their own Skull, they choose who will go next.

Successful Attempt: Nothing But Roses! 🌹 #

If the Challenger has flipped their bid of Rose 🌹 discs, they have won their challenge. They can flip their mat to indicate one successful attempt. If they succeed again, they win.

Special Condition #

If a player has lost 3 of their 4 discs, they are limited in what they can do:

  • If it's their turn to add disc beyond what they have, they must challenge instead.
  • If it's their turn to bid, they can pass or increase.
  • If their challenge is uncontested, they must still reveal from their pile first. If it is a Skull, that player is eliminated from the game.

New Round #

Whether they succeed or fail, the Challenger is the first player in the new round, which begins again at Step 1.

Winning #

If a player wins 2 challenges OR they are the only player who isn't eliminated, they win.

Strategy #

Nathan's Notes: This can be easily played with a standard deck of cards:

  • Give everyone 3 number cards (Roses) and 1 face card (Skull).
  • Game plays as normal, just substitute 'disc' for 'card' in the rules.
  • Use tokens to keep track of wins, or write it down on a sheet of paper.

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