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Eat Poop You Cat

πŸ‘€ Players:
5-13 (Best at 7)
⏱ Time to play:
20 minutes
β™Ÿ Equipment:
Several sheets of paper and something to draw with.
🧠 Designer(s):
Uncredited. Public domain.

Eat πŸ’© You 🐱 is a (game? activity?) where players doodle and caption a chain of increasingly surreal events.

Setup #

Each player starts with:

Play #

  1. At the top of their paper, each player writes a short sentence or phrase (esoteric stuff often yields humorous results).
  2. Papers are passed to the left, where the next player "draws" the sentence (think Pictionary), folds the paper so only the drawing is visible, and passes it to their left.
  3. The next player examines the drawing, and writes a sentence that they think the drawing represents... this continues until all players have their original back (or with large groups, an odd number of times, until a β€œfinal” sentence/phrase is written).
  4. At the end, everyone unfolds their paper. Everyone laughs to see something like, and much hilarity ensues as "I am the Walrus, koo-koo-ca-choo" becomes "Hitler and I danced the night away in a disco."

Multi-Page Variant: #

If a lot of players are involved, it may be hard to fold the paper enough times and still have space to write and draw.

Examples #

To see some examples of play, go take a look at the images section of the BGG entry.

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