Hello World

Learning to DO.

A wise woman once told me:

Knowledge without application is useless.

What the what?! I had spent my whole life dedicated to learning things (mostly useless things), and I, the great collector of arcane information, was highly offended by her comment!

But she was right. Until you do something with your knowledge and skills it has ZERO impact. On anything.

It took me some time to see her point, but I learned that gathering information can quickly become an invisible excuse for inaction.

“Oh, I couldn’t possibly start that project, I don’t have enough information…” “I’ll do that as soon as I finish some research about the best way to do it…”

I watched others around me, do-ers rather than thinkers, create amazing work and do amazing things. “Oh, I could do that if I tried…” was a sentiment I carried with me in my early career. “They just got lucky, I bet I could do that even better!” Guilt assuaged, I would return back to my RSS and Twitter feeds and doing nothing.

Over the next few years I finally learned that the world belongs to people who take action. I ditched my pristine moleskine sketchbooks for handmade scrap journals and cheap notebooks. I stopped focusing on how perfect or RIGHT my creative output was and just started dumping out the contents of my brain.

As a result, my work improved, my output increased, and new opportunities opened up.

This blog is another step in my process of learning to DO. Writing in public has been a barrier for me for years, but like my moleskines I’m trading in my fancy portfolio for a bare bones static site. It’s not perfect, but it doesn’t need to be, it just needs to EXIST to have value.

I pose this challenge to myself and others: What’s stopping you from taking action? Feel free to tweet your thoughts at me.

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